Maple Days 2018

April 20-22nd

5:30 – 10:30 Dinner

Menu  $69

Pappy Bourbon Tasting (while available) $25

Join us for this once-a-year New England event. Maple can be sweet, but regret is always bitter!

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Event Details


Celebrating the New England sugaring season, we are paying tribute to the almighty maple syrup. Imbibe in a maple cocktail. Try a Trillium beer. Shoot some syrup straight up or just sit back and enjoy some maple inspired dishes from Chef Matt and Chef Derek. The Menu – PDF


Maple Days at Townsman is a four course , multi choice menu, partnered with some other greats in the field; Knob Creek, Trillium Brewery, Cask Force and more!


Advance tickets for Pappy &Maple down below…please note the entire table would commit to the Maple tasting as we unfortunately cannot combine with the a la carte menu.


  • Four course, maple focused tasting menu with multiple choices.
  • Fun, thoughtful beverage pairing for every course (optional).
  • Limited (optional) bourbon tasting, Pappy Van Winkle (12yr, 15yr – ½ oz of each) and 1oz of Cask Force Silver Oak Cabernet barrel-aged Bourbon 
  • (4) Knob Creek cocktails – featuring smoked maple, rye & bourbon.
  • Trillium Takeover – 3 delish drafts when you have a hard time finding just one to drink!

Make a reservation here on Open Table

The available Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon tasting has been sold. We will have an another special bourbon tasting available along with our wine pairing. Hope to see you there!

Townsman is a modern, New England farmhouse restaurant, located on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Downtown Boston. Townsman continues the hallmark food ethos of Chefs Matt and Kate Jennings – sourcing pristine ingredients from the surrounding area with menus reflective of sustainability and seasonality, celebrating the Northeast growing region and waters. Townsman is lively and convivial with a refined sensibility and a welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of your favorite neighborhood haunt.